Life at Holy Trinity 

Growth Groups

There are a number of growth groups that meet during the week.  These allow members of Holy Trinity to spend more time developing their interests and relationships with each other and exploring more about God together.

The groups are very diverse - some are based in specific locations for those living in those areas, some have been formed to support those with similar interests and others have come about as the "next step" to help those who have been on Alpha courses.

If you want to know more about joining a growth group, please click here to find our more!




Angela Lamb, 01/03/2019

Tuesday 15 October
1:00pmHealing Service @ Holy Trinity Church
Wednesday 16 October
10:30amHoly Communion @ Holy Trinity Church
Thursday 17 October
1:00pmLunchbreak Service @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 20 October
9:30amInformal Worship @ Holy Trinity Church