Life at Holy Trinity 

Reaching out

Holy Trinity is situated in the heart of Coventry city centre and, as such, we believe that we have a duty to share God's love with those around us in our city and those who visit it.


From working with those without homes in the city, to contributing to the Coventry Foodbank and working with young parents at Coffee Tots, the people of Holy Trinity believe strongly in helping those who need shelter, food and support. 


We also have links with communities all over the world who are suffering from hunger, persecution, war or poverty.  We support and pray for families and individuals working as missionaries across the globe.


Tuesday 15 October
1:00pmHealing Service @ Holy Trinity Church
Wednesday 16 October
10:30amHoly Communion @ Holy Trinity Church
Thursday 17 October
1:00pmLunchbreak Service @ Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 20 October
9:30amInformal Worship @ Holy Trinity Church